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  Ending the Relationship

All things, at some point, come to an end. This is certainly true of the teacher-student relationship. For this reason we have structured our regular teacher meetings as a month-to-month commitment. If at any point you would like to consider ending the ongoing contact and wrapping up our formal relationship together as teacher and student, you are welcome and encouraged to initiate this. We retain the right to do so on our end as well, in the case that we ever find we need to move on from being your teacher.

If possible, we ask that there be a final face-to-face conversation scheduled so that we can clean up any unintentional mistakes or miscommunications that may have happened along the way and wrap up on an good note. Ending relationships well is something we're committed to, because we care about you and your voyage, and really honor the choice we've made together to work in such an intimate and unique way, for however long that occurs.