Basic Training

The Resources you Need to Deepen your Practice

The Meditate.io Basic Training Program is designed to help you find the resources you need to deepen your practice. This free training resources includes:

  • A Repository of Training Programs on various aspects of serious meditation practice:
  • A Regular Guest Teaching Series with some of today's most aweome thinkers & teachers:
    • "Awake in the Modern World" with Jack Kornfield & Trudy Goodman Kornfield
    • "Engaging Bewilderment" with Caroline Contillo
    • "Booting up Different Views of Awakening" with Michael Taft
    • "Mindful Communication" with Oren J. Sofer
    • "Relaxing Into Samadhi" with Nikki Margaforhi (airing June 30th, 2017)

Training Programs Included:

Finding Your Seat
Bringing the Body Online in the Sitting Posture
Emily Horn & Vince Horn
Styles of Meditation
Five Ways to Train the Body, Heart, & Mind
Emily Horn & Vince Horn
Objects of Concentration
Reclaim the Power of a Well-Trained Attention
Emily Horn & Vince Horn
Mapping the Mindful Path
A Practical Map of the Journey toward Radical Freedom
Emily Horn & Vince Horn

"The way you guys have separated all the different threads, which are currently tangled up and referred to in mainstream health and psychology as 'mindfulness' is very helpful for people like myself wanting to make sense of it all in a rigorous & systematic way."

- Daius S., Program Participant

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