Styles of Meditation

Five Ways to Train the Body, Heart, & Mind

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Five Ways to Train the Body, Heart, & Mind

In this program meditation teachers Vince Horn & Emily Horn will guide you through a comprehensive overview of five different styles of meditation: Concentration, Mindfulness, Heartfulness, Inquiry, & Awareness.

Over the course of 5 training modules you will be introduced to key concepts & practices for training your mind & heart. Key concepts are shared in short, engaging video talks paired with high-fidelity guided meditations.

"I'm in love with this course. Short, simple videos, with short, simple and beautiful meditations."

- Jeronimo P.R.C., Program Participant

"As an experienced meditator, I found this course to be unique, simple, accessible and incredibly helpful in unpacking the different 'styles'. I found myself gradually deepening as I moved through the meditations."

- Brenda B., Program Participant

Meet the Teachers

Emily Horn & Vince Horn
Emily Horn & Vince Horn

Emily Horn & Vince Horn are partners who have spent their adult lives living, training & teaching together. Their training began in the Buddhist meditative tradition, where they've done nearly two years of combined retreat practice.

Emily Horn has been authorized as a meditation teacher by some of the largest meditation centers in the West, Spirit Rock Meditation Center and The Insight Meditation Society. Her core mentors in that tradition are Jack Kornfield & Trudy Goodman Kornfield.

Vince Horn has been authorized to teach in the pragmatic dharma lineage of Kenneth Folk and by Trudy Goodman Kornfield, whose contemplative training is in both the Insight Meditation and Zen traditions.

After 10 years of running the ground-breaking Buddhist Geeks project Vince & Emily are currently focused on creating deep training opportunities for the digital age with Meditate.io, raising their 2-year old son Zander, & appreciating their slow & focused lives in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

"The way you guys have separated all the different threads, which are currently tangled up and referred to in mainstream health and psychology as 'mindfulness' is very helpful for people like myself wanting to make sense of it all in a rigorous & systematic way."

- Daius S., Program Participant

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