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  Contemplative Technology Practice

After lunch, starting on the first full day, everyone is invited to participate in a contemplative technology period. The purpose of this period is to explore our relationship to technology under the microscope of super-charged retreat awareness.

Practically speaking you will have the option to either:

  1. Choose to NOT use technology during this time
  2. Choose to use technology with a clear idea of how you want to approach it

We encourage you to bring whatever devices you feel you may want to access during this time (roughly 2 hours each day). There is wireless internet available in the lodge. You're also welcome to bring no technology at all, and go off-grid. The aim of this exploration isn't about whether or not we use technology, it's about learning more about our relationship to it.

During the retreat we'll take some time to check-in about how the contemplative technology time is going, to harvest what each of us is learning, and look at what insights we want to carry back into our digitally-saturated lives.