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  Mapping the Mindful Path ๐Ÿ“บ

When weโ€™re seriously considering going on a journey, it just makes sense to consult a map.

Maps, at their simplest, attempt to describe the territory that weโ€™ve yet to walk.

No map is perfect, and no map is complete.

But a good map will describe where weโ€™re trying to go, how to get there, what interesting things we might experience along the way. And perhaps most importantly, what obstacles and pitfalls we need to avoid.

Now, some people donโ€™t realize that there are already some very detailed maps of the mindful path.

People have been doing these practices for thousands of years and making maps to chart their own journey over time.

Thereโ€™s also a growing body of scientific knowledge that contributes to these inner maps, that fleshes out the biological dimension of the mindful path.

In Mapping the Mindful Path weโ€™ll be exploring a simple, yet effective, map called the phases of mindfulness.

In short, these five phases are:
The Seeking Phase
The Breakthrough Phase
The Disillusionment Phase
The Resilience Phase
And finally: The Completion Phase

These five phases come out of our passionate study of the inner & outer maps of mindfulness practice, as well as our 1st hand experience traversing the territory, experiencing it, and personally guiding hundreds of people through it.

We believe that having a simple and effective map of the path, is one of the most important things one can have on the journey to radical freedom.