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  Finding Your Seat


One of the greatest challenges we face in the digital age is the plague of disembodiment.

The Internet has enabled an unprecedented awakening of interconnection--of communication, of exchange of ideas, of planetary consciousness.

But that awakening has been limited to the narrow confines of our own minds. It has, so far, left our bodies behind.

Finding your Seat is a foundational course in the sitting posture of meditation--the very same posture that the average internet user spends over 9 hours a day in.

When we find our seat we are bringing our bodies online.

It’s only when we bring all of ourselves online that we’ll be able to awaken to the full potential of our connected humanity.

In the Finding your Seat course you will have access to a systematic training on how to deepen into the sitting posture.

Through instructional videos and meditations. You will learn six different points of posture: Seat, Hands, Eyes, Balance, Alignment, & Attitude.

By practicing with these pointers, you can come home to your body wherever you are. Online, offline, and in relationship.

We can find the beauty of presence by taking our seat again and again.