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A Relationship Aimed at Catalyzing your Practice

A Relationship Aimed at Catalyzing your Practice

We see the purpose of the teacher-student relationship, first and foremost, as a catalyst for deep practice. A catalyst is an agent which speeds up and smoothes out a naturally occurring process. As teachers, who are ourselves students, we recognize that you are already engaged in a deeply meaningful, and yet nebulous process.

Our approach isn't to claim that we have all the answers for your journey (we aren't gurus). Instead, we focus on helping you develop core meditative competencies that can be used in service of discovering your deepest questions and learning to reliably resolve them.

-Vince Horn & Emily Horn

As a Core Student you'll Immediate Access To:

  • Monthly One-on-One Meetings - 60-minutes total, over video chat, with either Vince or Emily. Meetings are scheduled in 30 minute increments, so sign up for an hour total (2 back to back) or 2 separate 30 minute sessions. This time will be used to check-in about your practice, to meditate together, and respond to any questions or thoughts that are coming up for you

Membership Cost: $100/month (USD)

The Importance of Regular Contact

It’s important for us to stay in regular contact with our students and to hear how your practice is developing, so that we can offer feedback and support. The monthly 1-on-1 sessions are one of the main ways we do this effectively. And while we don’t require each student be in touch every month, we will be reaching out to folks who we don’t hear from for a few months, to make sure everything is ok.

You are also welcome to e-mail us at anytime if something serious is coming up that you need support with before our next session. We're here for you.

Collaborative Teaching Structure

We’d also like to mention--and just remind you--that we (Emily & Vince) work with students collaboratively. We give you the option to schedule your session with either of us, or reach out to either of us as needed. We will always let you drive in terms of who you’d like to talk to, but occasionally we may make a recommendation that you speak with the other teacher. The reasons for this could be that we want to break out of a rut or so that you can benefit from a different perspective. It’s always your choice if you’d like to do that, but we ask that you consider our suggestion.

A Non-Exclusive Relationship

We do not require an exclusive relationship with our students. Meaning, if you want to work with other teachers or communities that are doing similar work, you are always free and welcome to do so. If some sort of tension or difficulty arises as a result of cross-training with another teacher/community we will do our best to bring this tension up as swiftly as possible so that we can find a mutually agreed upon solution. We ask that you be responsible for doing the same.

Being Trained to Teach

Another expectation we have is that anyone who wishes to be trained by us to teach meditation, or who is currently being trained, will need be in an ongoing student relationship with us. This lets us get to know your practice intimately, so we can feel confident you’re prepared to begin teaching, and it also gives us a mechanism for continuing to support your development as a teacher (which is itself another phase of being a student). And yes, we are working on developing a teacher-training program. 2017 is a good bet for when this’ll start.

Ending the Teacher-Student Relationship

All things, at some point, come to an end. This is certainly true of the teacher-student relationship. For this reason we have structured the Student membership as a month-to-month commitment. If at any point you would like to consider ending the ongoing contact and wrapping up our formal relationship together as teacher and student, you are welcome and encouraged to initiate this. We retain the right to do so on our end as well, in the case that we ever find we need to move on from being your teacher.

In either case, we just ask that there be a final face-to-face conversation scheduled so that we can clean up any unintentional mistakes or miscommunications that may have happened along the way and wrap up on an good note. Ending relationships well is something we're committed to, because we care about you and your voyage, and really honor the choice we've made together to work in such an intimate and unique way, for however long we do that.

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